Tourist complex "Malye Karely"  is a part of the “TITAN” Group of Companies.

The history of the Group of Companies originates from the limited liability company of the industrial and commercial enterprise "TITAN", which was established on November 2, 1990. Over this period of time, it has grown from a small company founded by V. Ya. Krupchak to a dynamically developing diversified holding, known as the Group of Companies (GC) "TITAN", which unites today over 20 enterprises in Arkhangelsk region and beyond, employing thousands of people.

The very idea of creating a corporate system of enterprises — The "TITAN" Group of Companies "TITAN" — was born in 1995. The project initiators aimed to actively contribute to the development of the economy of the Pomeranian region. The main activity of the GC "TITAN" is the sphere of the timber industry of the Arkhangelsk region. Today, "TITAN" is one of the largest operators of forest raw material resources in the North-West.

Now the holding is entering a new level of its development. Its enterprises have a clear goal — to become a leader in the production of products and services for the widest possible range of customers. 

The idea of creating a suburban complex arose with the leadership of GC "TITAN" in 1999:  a modern Tourist Complex with a developed infrastructure and a high level of service was built from the decayed tourist base "Severnoe Siyanie" (Northern Lights), located just 25 km from Arkhangelsk. 

The idea of the leadership of the GC “TITAN” during the construction of the complex was to create an alternative to abroad rest for residents and guests of Arkhangelsk.

The originality of the northern folk culture, combined with a modern level of comfort and high-quality service is an unmatched advantage of the Tourist Complex ''Malye Karely".

Since the establishment of the Tourist Complex, its employees have been distinguished by energy, assertiveness, desire to succeed, and focus on continuous development. All actions are guided by one goal — deeds and their results. For this, domestic and foreign experience, the latest technologies in the field of management and the provision of services have been widely used and are being used.

At the same time, the management of TK "Malye Karely" takes care of its employees, strives to create the necessary conditions for all personnel to achieve the highest professional qualifications, and to ensure social protection and fair wages.

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