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Shooting stand of the tourist complex "Malye Karely" invites fans of shooting and hunting to join one of the most popular sports - clay target shooting

Shooting stand of the tourist complex "Malye Karely" invites fans of shooting and hunting to join one of the most popular sports - clay target shooting

At your service are modern equipment for launching targets (plates) that simulate the flight of birds and the run of animals.

Clay target shooting is a shooting at special flying targets known as clay pigeons. The firearm of choice for this task is a shotgun or sporting weapons.

12-gauge ammunition, Sporting cartridges, shot no. of no more than 7, is the maximum caliber of a gun for shooting at sports targets.

Sporting is a kind of clay target shooting that combines almost all sports and hunting disciplines, such as shooting at targets flying through the air and moving on the ground, simulating the flight of birds and running animals with their various trajectories, in the conditions of natural features of the place.

You can become a member of the Sporting Club "Malye Karely" by contacting the Department of Outside Activities or the "Malye Karely" accommodation service for information.

Sporting Club "Malye Karely" is officially a member of the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF SPORTING.


Наименование Стоимость

Тарифы на услуги стрелкового стенда

Мишень 16 р.
Патрон 16 р.
32 р.
Комплект 50 мишеней + 50 патронов
1300 р.
(1350 р. с патроном 28 гр.)
Комплект 100 мишеней + 100 патронов
2500 р.
(2600 р. с патроном 28 гр.)
Комплект 150 мишеней + 150 патронов
3600 р.
(3750 р. с патроном 28 гр.)
Комплект 300 мишеней + 300 патронов
6600 р.
(6900 р. с патроном 28 гр.)    

Наименование Стоимость

Тарифы на услуги инструкторов стрелкового стенда

Услуги инструктора стрелкового стенда
1000 р.
1,5 часа
Услуги инструктора стрелкового стенда - индивидуальная программа, разработанная для стрелка. (Состоит из 5 занятий, в стоимость входят мишени+патроны)
14500 р.
 Порядок предоставления услуг:

  • services are provided if the shooter has a civilian shotgun or sport-gun, and the required permit to keep and bear arms (ROH), which must be presented to the operator, the caliber of the weapon should be not more than 12;
  • services are provided after passing mandatory training in safety measures and rules for staying at the stand. The fact of the training is recorded in the journal with the mandatory signature of the instructed person. Failure to undergo the training is a reason for refusing to provide services;
  • cartridges used when shooting at targets, only factory-made (Sporting), with a shot no. of no more than 7, the use of other cartridges 

Порядок оплаты:

  • оплата услуг производится после подачи серии (серий) мишеней на основании выписанной в двух экземплярах квитанции, в которой указываются оказанные услуги. Один из экземпляров передается стрелку и является обязательством для оплаты через кассу администратора комплекса;

  • поданные, но не пораженные мишени, учитываются и подлежат оплате;

  • мишень, поданная для просмотра траектории полета по просьбе стрелка, подлежит оплате.

Payment procedure:

  • payment for services should be performed after submission a series of targets on the basis of a receipt issued in two copies, in which the services rendered are indicated. One of the copies should be provided to the shooter and is an obligation to pay via cashier of the complex administrator;
  • submitted but not used targets are counted and are subject to payment;
  • a target submitted to view the flight path at the request of the shooter is subject to payment.

Telephone for information:  (8182) 462-472 (8182) 462-474


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