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163502, Arkhangelsk region, Primorsky district, Malye Karely village
Reception service +7 (8182) 462-472
Restaurant +7 (8182) 462-471
Tours and group bookings +7 (8182) 462-474
hotel@karely.ru  - reception service 
restaurant@karely.ru - restaurant
info@karely.ru - tours and group bookings
Working hours
Mon. - Fri.: from 9:00 to 18:00
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Tourist complex "Malye Karely" is located in a picturesque place in the suburban area of Arkhangelsk city, 25 km from the city center (30 minutes by bus of routes "104Y", "104T", "108", "111"). 

From the airport "Talagi" it is possible to get to the Tourist Complex with a transfer: first, take bus "12" to the stop "MRV" (Marine River Station), then take the bus "104T" or "104Y" to the final stop — the village of Malye Kareli.

From "ZhDV" (Railway Station) to the Tourist Complex you can get directly by bus "104T".

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