Shooting stand

Here you can:

• Shoot your new gun
• “Hunt” safely and in comfortable conditions
• Revive shooting skills before the opening of the hunting season
• Test your shooting skills in competitions and win prizes
• Conduct shooting and hunting competitions


About the shooting stand

• 4 covered areas and 43 target feeders
• targets of various configurations and flight options (simulate the flight of birds and the running of animals in natural terrain conditions)
• place for shooting
• artificial lighting, which makes it comfortable to “hunt” even in the evening
• cozy hunting lodges where you can relax after sports
• included in the All-Russian Register of Sports Facilities
• We have a right to hold both local and international shooting and hunting competitions

A comfortable lodge is a perfect place for you to relax after sports!

We used natural materials and decorated it in a distinctive style. It provide all the necessary household items.

Operating mode:
Monday, Tuesday – days off
Wednesday – Sunday – 10.00-17.00

+79095537155; (8182) 462-472;

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